About Us

Always a spearhead in the reality of Valencian high jewelery

Demartini boasts many years of experience in the luxury sector for Italian and foreign clients.

Important and noteworthy is the collaboration that Ernesto Demartini had with the “Beato Angelico” Sacred Art School of Milan, which specializes in the design and creation of sacred objects.

Ernesto Demartini contributed to the creation of the last Tiara in the history of the Pontificate of Rome: the popes, up to Paul VI, were “crowned” with the Tiara, a kind of crown with three circles that signified the temporal and spiritual power of the Vicar of Christ , Rector of the Orbe.


The last Tiara was designed and built in 1963 for Giovanni Battista Montini (Pope Paul VI): this was a Tiara in a completely new and aerodynamic style, having in mind the era of the rocket carriers of the spaceships, of the spaceships that amazed the viewers of all over the world for novelty and beauty. Subsequently, Pope Paul VI abolished its use, and that same Tiara was put up for sale and purchased by Cardinal Francis Joseph Spellman, archbishop of New York, using the proceeds for the African missions.

But Ernesto Demartini’s collaboration with Giovanni Battista Montini began even before his pontificate: the Demartini company made a ring when he was still a cardinal in Milan.

Today Gioielli Demartini continues the tradition with the same professionalism and with the same proven experience in the luxury sector for over 50 years. Come and discover the new Demartini collections of solitaires, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and all the other trendy items in the luxury market handcrafted by the Valencian goldsmith masters.

Gioielli Demartini also realizes objects on draft or specific request of the customer at factory prices.