Jewels of Valenza

Tailor-made creations

Bring us your idea: we will give back your jewel

Gioielli Demartini is able to satisfy all customer needs: from modeling to setting precious stones, from single repairs to the restoration of antique jewelry up to technical expertise.

Artisan Excellence

Seeing the jewel of your dreams develop and create is the most beautiful and fascinating thing there can be.

For us, jewelry is not just a job, but a passion that has always distinguished us and pushes us to the continuous search for artisan excellence.

Experience and Quality

Gioielli Demartini is synonymous with experience, quality and professionalism that allow us to work with the most important jewelers, with the most prestigious brands, but above all it allows us to realize the dreams of many private clients.

Direct negotiations

The negotiations are direct: from the customer to the company without intermediaries and without additional costs. Gioielli Demartini production is at factory prices: today, buying a jewel created by one of the highest schools of Valencian goldsmith craftsmanship has never been so advantageous.

Unique Jewels

The object is made on the customer’s recommendation from the project to its realization, from the choice of stones to the design of the object. Demartini is able to create unique jewels, even with artistic engravings and reproductions of noble seals as per ancient traditions.